german beef dumpling

Enjoy the dumplings the right way!

Our dumplings are traditionally served with a generous scoop of sauerkraut and a light horseradish dip. Yet, other tasty variations include a portion of freshly mashed or pan-fried potatoes which complements the succulent taste of our famous dumplings just fine.

Savory Dumplings

german beef dumpling

Bratknödel (Rind)

Minced Beef Dumpling

100% beef, fresh herbs and our signature spice mixture make this dumpling a classic. Our customers describe it as a great explosion of taste.

german bacon dumpling


Bacon Dumpling

Juicy bacon, herbs and spices make this dumpling a hearty one. On every bite the bacon dumpling will make your taste buds sing.

german pork dumpling

Bratknödel (Schwein)

Minced Pork Dumpling

Soft and succulent, this dumpling is made of 100% pork accompanied by fresh herbs and our signature spice mixture. As the little brother of the beef dumpling it tastes by no means less exciting.

german greaves dumpling


Greaves Dumpling

Crispy yet soft. Intensive yet delicate. Opposites attract - that's why this dumpling with scrumptious lard as its filling is a true and classic indulgence.

german veggie dumpling


Veggie Dumpling

A refreshing composition of delicious vegetables, wrapped in a soft skin and finished with assorted herbs and spices. This is the healthy one.

austrian bread dumpling


Hand-made Bread Dumpling

A dumpling made of paticularly fluffy bread dough with onions, parsley and other assorted herbs and spices.

austrian potato dumpling


Potato Dumpling

Mixture of fluffy potato dougha and semolina refined with spices

austrian tyrolean dumpling


Tyrolean-style Dumpling

Fluffy bread dough with diced smoked pork and spices.

austrian spinach dumpling


Spinach Dumpling

Fluffy bread dough with strained and chopped leaf spinach.

Soup Dumplings

german egg dumpling


Egg Dumpling

Simple and mysterious in it's taste, the egg dumpling takes you into a universe of satisfaction. The tradition has it that this dumpling is enjoyed best with freshly made onion soup.

german cheese rissoles


White Bread & Cheese Rissoles

Bread dough with hearty cheese, eggs, onions and spices. Ideal as soup garnish, meatless appetizer or main course.

austrian liver dumpling


Liver Dumpling

Typical Austrian soup garnish made of beef liver and diced bread, refined with spices.

Sweet Dumplings

german apricot dumpling


Apricot Dumpling

Cottage cheese dumpling filled with fruity apricot puree, covered in roasted and buttered breadcrumbs. A true Austrian classic.

german strawberry dumpling


Strawberry Dumpling

Cottage cheese dumpling filled with smooth strawberry puree, covered in roasted and buttered breadcrumbs.

german plum dumpling


Plum Dumpling

Cottage cheese dumpling filled with delicate plum puree, covered in roasted and buttered breadcrumbs

german red current dumpling


Red Current Dumpling

Cottage cheese dumpling filled with fine red current puree, covered in roasted and buttered breadcrumbs.

german cottage cheese dumpling


Cottage Cheese Dumpling

A sweet dumpling made of light and creamy cottage cheese and rolled in buttered breadcrumbs. It is one heavenly dessert.

german nougat dumpling


Nougat Dumpling

This dumpling's skin is made of cottage cheese and potatoes. It is filled with creamy nougat and covered in buttered breadcrumbs.